Tuesday, October 31, 2017

BPI: Reversal of a Questionable Service Charge

On 10/30, an online money lending company, Tala Philippines, sent me cash to my main savings atm account with BPi, known as Bank of the Philippine Islands. In my online account I have 2 enrolled atm cards. I fund transferred some money from my main atm to my payroll atm which had a balance of roughly 30 pesos. The money got transferred through online banking but I was not able to withdraw the cash because there were no more cash available in the atm machines outside our office. 

I went home and did a quick check on my balance and the money was still there in my payroll atm. Knowing the balance, the next day I decided to withdraw without doing any more balance inquiry. But after entering the desired amount to withdraw, the machine said I had insufficient funds. When I checked the balance, 300 pesos got debited from my atm surprisingly. 

The bank branch in our office was closed but I called their customer service earlier to explain why there was a charge of that MUCH. The lady on the phone asked me if I was still part of the company I was working with and I said yes. So she processed a reversal which will take 5 banking days. 

Today is 10/31. I got wrongly debited yesterday. I will expect that I will get back the 300 pesos to my payroll atm account by November 7, 2016, Tuesday. I will see if BPI has a good customer service or better customer service than the other banks. 

Anyone having the same situation that I have? Feel free to share.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wifi facts and why ethernet connection is always better

Although old fashioned, still the best type of connecting to the internet is through an ethernet cable. The signal that is transmitted over an ethernet wire from modem to a computer is shielded by a protective coat. The protective coat houses several multi-colored wires and each wire covers a hair-like thin strands of minute wires also (see image 2). There are different categories of an ethernet cord and the most fastest category is cat6 or cat5e. 

image 1, taken from google images

image 2. taken from google images

Nothing beats the performance of a wired connection because a wifi connection will always be prone to interference. 

What are these interference:

1. Neighbors Wifi

2. Household electronics

3. Humans

4. Metallic objects

5. Thick walls

Neighbors Wifi - If you are living in a densely populated areas where most people have their wifi routers at home, this will affect your connection beause their router signals will interfere with your router's wifi signal. Most routers are running in a 2.4GHZ which is common. If you are using what they are using, signal congestion will always happen.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

NYPD Pizza - One of Cebu's comfort places for food goers!

Throwing a birthday party or planning an eat out for the whole team, friends, dates, parents, etc at an affordable rate? Drop by at one of Cebu's best comfort place for food goers - NYPD Pizza. 

Imagine a delicious food that is easy on the pocket right on the Cebu island. For 199 pesos, you will surely be filled. You go in hungry, you go out happy. 

My friends and I went to this place to try what they hade and since pizza is one of my favorite comfort food, I decided to join them even though I was skeptical at the taste of it first because I heard form other folks that they didn't taste good. But I couldn't approve their claims not until I was the one trying it. 

It was raining, I recall, but heck when it comes to food, rain or shine, I attack like there is no tomorrow. So we stormed the place but did not eat right away. Each of us or most of us were observing the looks of the food laden on the table.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Trillionex Global Inc - Profitable turned Scam? or Maybe not yet?

Objective: The sole purpose of this article is not to "malign" but to share awareness of what is already happening with Trillionex and how people are reacting to it. 

Trillionex Global Inc is an online business engaged solely in currency trading through binary options. This so called incorporation was founded by Jaime S. Cheng. It started as a profitable trading business and has enticed a lot of investors to put their money so it will double after 10 days. 

They started operating in October 6 and listed the names of people who invested. The time frame was 10 days and it went well on the first 10 days. Their tag line is "Invest with Confidence". Who would not bother to try if you could double your money in 10 days time? So many have risked their hard earned money for this opportunity. 

So the first batch of the list began with few people in it. The highest amount of money invested on October 6 was 10,000 pesos, then 5 days after which was 10/11, the first cycle was reached and the money was sent to the investors preferred pay out option. Then the second cycle will be the 10th day which investors have already earned their profit. 

As you can see, it went well during the first 10 days. Then the investing continues and investors even topped their investment to 50,000 pesos in this batch 12 Master list. 

But even with the previous batches, some payouts given to investors were lacking. Some got the full principal and the full profit but some were not yet paid out. 

Where do they trade the money?

Mr Cheng traded the money through a trading platform called Expert Option and/or Olymp Trade. The idea of trading is only to guess whether the market will go up or down. So if you think the market will go up, the trader will push the "PUT" button or the "CALL" button when the market goes down. If you selected PUT and you guessed it right, the trader will earn 50 to 90 or 100% profit. That's why they set a time frame because the trader, Mr Cheng, was a pro trader and thinks he can guarantee such return after the said time frame. 


Was this registered in SEC?

It was found to be listed in the Sec website as either a registered or a reserved company name. 

But now, if you search it again at Sec's website, you get no more result. 

What's going on now? 

The problem started when BDO locked out Mr Cheng's account for whatever reason BDO thought legit. So Mr Cheng communicated this problem to the group and assured everyone that this would be ok because he had found a solution to this problem. But BDO fortunately reinstated his account. After that, another problem arose. His sidekick Mr Solano couldn't be reached anymore and he never contacted Mr Cheng anymore. This issue has started to cause panic to everyone in the group. Everyone became worried, mad, doubtful as might Mr Solano has ran the money away. 

Let's cut to the chase!

Everyone's hard earned money now is in peril. Their life is in peril even. Some remained patient but others are going crazy now. But Mr Cheng said in his post that he was asking eveyone to give him additional 2 days more to the 5 days time frame, to make it 7 days. He asked for this but never promised that payout would be delivered on that 7th day. 

People are starting to doubt the credibility of Mr Cheng, whether or not he is the one scamming the money or the one being the victim of Solano's act. Some think that the two were just one person because they look similar in their pictures though they have separate Facebook accounts. Now Mr Solano's Facebook account does not exist anymore but Mr Chengs is still live. 

People are now going crazy and have lost their confidence and are ready to escalate the issue to SEC or media. This will be a headline in the news this coming days for sure. They have been contacting Mr Cheng's phone number but no one answers. Mr Cheng has not updated anyone in the group as of this writing. 


Maybe, this is now a hopeless case to some or maybe not YET. Members in some chat groups have started leaving the conversation. But some people are still hoping that Mr Cheng will start paying them back. 

If this will turn Scam, may this be a lesson to everyone but should not be the reason to Quit. We should know that no matter what business we dive into, there will always be risk involved. 

BPI: Reversal of a Questionable Service Charge

On 10/30, an online money lending company, Tala Philippines, sent me cash to my main savings atm account with BPi, known as Bank of the Phi...